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How to Get an Allegiant Airlines Military Discounts?

Allegiant Airlines respects the military, active US duty members, and veterans who safeguard the interests and lives of the citizens. Consequently, the airline offers them discounts and offers to military people per the policy’s rules and regulations.

What Services are Offered under Allegiant Air Military Discounts?

You will be happy to know what services are offered under an Allegiant Airlines military discount. There are several complimentary services that are specially designed for active-duty members and military personnel.

  • They can make a seat reservation at no additional cost depending on the seat’s availability on the plane.
  • Moreover, print a flight boarding pass at the airport easily.
  • You will get a special onboard meal menu on the flight.
  • In addition, the airline allows military personnel to check three pieces of checked bags. Each bag should weigh under 100 lbs and should not exceed the maximum limit.
  • There are no extra fees for carrying oversized checked baggage.
  • Also, Enjoy flight check-in priority.
  • Additionally, you can take up to one pet in the cabin for free.

Who all are Eligible to Obtain Allegiant Airlines Military Discounts?

Not everyone can avail of an Allegiant Airlines reservations military discount. There are certain groups under military and veterans who are applicable to get a discount and complimentary services.

  • All the current and previous military members who served or are serving the nation are eligible for a discount. Moreover, it includes Active Duty, Reserves, or National Guard people.
  • In addition, the discount is valid for members of eligible military branches.
  • Military family members include spouses and dependents, and they can avail of benefits of military discounts.

Guidelines on the US active duty, National Guard, and Reserve travel

Those who serve the nation can use an Allegiant Airlines reservation military discount when booking flights. However, there are certain requirements that one needs to qualify. Let’s have a look.

  • You must have a military ID card to prove that you have military status.
  • Moreover, one has to be active personnel to use a military discount.
  • They must serve the nation in one of the US branches of military service and qualify for military discounts.
  • Flyers meeting the requirements of the Allegiant Airlines military policy can get a military discount and other complimentary airfare services.

Requirements of the United States Military Veterans and Spouses Service on Allegiant Airlines

The United States military veterans and spouse’s service on Allegiant Airlines have certain requirements.

  • Veterans must have a valid identification card like a veteran ID card, state driver’s license, and a DD-214 application.
  • In addition, veterans have to give a military-dependent ID card when not flying with their military parents.

How to Get an Allegiant Air Military Discounts?

To get an Allegiant Airlines military discount, you have to go through the following steps on the airline’s official site.

  • Firstly, go to the Allegiant Airlines official site.
  • Secondly, search for the military booking section.
  • Now, fill in your departure and arrival cities as per your travel policies.
  • Search for the flights on the next page and choose the best flight for your travel.
  • Finally, you can confirm tickets under a military fare and make the payment using a credit or debit card.

Contact the Team to Get an Allegiant Veteran Discount

Passengers can also contact the airline’s official customer service team to obtain an Allegiant veteran discount. Moreover, dial +1 (702) 505-8888 or +1-888-978-0366 and instantly connect with a representative to redeem a military discount for the next flight.

  • Head to the airline’s site to contact the team and request them to book flights with a military discount.
  • Once you are connected with the team member, give details about your military Id card to verify your status.
  • They will provide you with credit and make flight reservations on your behalf if you are found eligible.

Allegiant Airlines FAQs

Does Allegiant Airlines offer a Military Discount?

Yes, Allegiant Airlines offers a military discount to veterans, US active-duty members, and those who serve the nation. Additionally, there are various complementary services, including free checked bags, check-in and flight boarding priority, and seat assignments for free.

Does Allegiant Airlines Provide Priority Check-in?

Active duty military members may board flights with Allegiant military check-in at no additional cost. Moreover, the airline charges no cancellation fees in case you change or cancel flights under the military fare.

Do Veterans Get Free Baggage on Allegiant Airlines?

U.S. active duty members, reserve military, National Guard, and retired military veterans can take three checked baggage for free. Moreover, each bag should weigh under 40 lbs and not exceed the maximum size and weight limit. You can use an Allegiant Airlines military veteran discount and fly with oversized checked bags for no extra fee.

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