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The main motive of Allegiant High Fly is to provide the best travel service to all the users. We are one of the leading online portals, and our only motive is to facilitate customers with an enriching travel experience. Our website’s goal is to give consumers the travel information they want, as well as all of the facts and requirements for our tourism-related services. Our website provides information about our clients’ travel needs and assists them with trip bookings. You will be able to settle your trip requests with the help of our travel suppliers.

The terms like “our,” “us” and “we”  throughout the site refer to the Company. We provide this website, which includes all the services, tools, and information offered by us to the user. To use the services of the site, one must agree to all the policies, notices, conditions, and terms mentioned here. 

By using our services, you are bound to follow all the terms and conditions posted on our site. These terms & conditions are applicable to all the users, including but not bound to users who are merchants, customers, vendors, browsers, or/ and contributors of content. It is highly suggested to go through these terms & conditions before using or accessing the website. By using any portion of the service, you agree to be bound by the terms & conditions. You must use any service or access the website if you don’t agree with all the terms and conditions stated here. 

To go through the updated version of Terms and Conditions, visit this page at any point of time. We hold the right to update, change, or replace any section of these terms and conditions without any prior notice. Your continuous use of the website simply reflects that you adhere to the changes in these terms and conditions. 

General Conditions

Allegiant High Fly holds the right to cancel the service of any customer at any time without informing him. The user should understand that his content will be transmitted encrypted. He agrees not to exploit, resell, sell, copy, duplicate, or reproduce any part of the service, access to the service, use of the service, or any connection on the site via which the service is offered, without any written permission by us. 

Use of the website

Access to theAllegiant High Fly depends entirely on you. If you stick to these conditions, you can access the site without any hassle. It is not important to register yourself to use the services posted on our site. In addition, please make sure that any of your online activities will not affect the travel business of the website in any way.

Amendments to the prices and service

Fares of travel services posted on our website are subject to change without any prior notice. 

We have all the right to discontinue or modify the service without any notice at any given time. We have no responsibility towards you and any other third-party for discontinuing, suspension, price change, or modification of the service.

Website Contributions 

We believe that the satisfaction of our users is the best way to grow our company. Your priceless response is important to use and it will help us to bring more business to new customers.

 Third-party links

Certain contents, products, and services  available on our website may involve products from third-parties. 

If you click on any of these links, you may be directed to third-party websites or services that are not affiliated with us. We do not warrant the accuracy of the content and we are not liable for any third-party websites, materials, or services. Allegiant High Fly should be held responsible for any damage occurred by the use of services of these third-party websites. 

Copyright Violation

If you find that any of your content has been copied, it may violate copyright terms, and you can send us a copyright violation notice by email in which you must mention the copyrighted work, and some other important details, like physical or electronic details, your phone number, address, name, etc. 

Please note that we will not mention any other question except for copyright. 

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